Equus Caballus Rescue Foundation


A non-profit organisation rescuing horses and their owners from the war-torn Ukraine.

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We operate fully on donations and all donations go in full to the cause.

Donate the amount of your choice through SWISH by scanning the QR code below or transfer to BG: 5854-0980

For international transfers outside the bankgiro-system:

IBAN: SE32 5000 0000 0540 3106 3075

All donations go IN FULL to the cause!

Swish number: 1231505510

Equus Caballus Rescue Foundation is a newly founded non-profit organisation created to help evacuate and rescue horses and their owners in the war-torn Ukraine. We are based in Sweden and collaborate with several organisations including UEF – helpukrainehorses.

All our drivers and lorries are licensed and authorised and operate fully on a voluntary basis.

All horses exiting the Ukraine into the EU need to be microchipped and have a passport. More information can be found here. Horses and their owners are evacuated to a registered quarantine stable for 30 days of quarantine.

If you need help to evacuate you and your horse(s), sign-up on UEFs website or send us an e-mail directly.

If you need help with finding a stable to go to after quarantine, a list of available stables can be found here. There you can also find a map to search for safer areas in Ukraine for refuge.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, please send us an e-mail to: equuscaballusrf@outlook.com

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Organisation number: 802539-1163