About Equus Caballus Rescue Foundation

Björnhuvudvägen 50
18493 Åkersberga

Who we are

Equus Caballus Rescue Foundation is a Swedish, non-profit organisation that was founded a week after the war in Ukraine broke out by Josephine Robéus, Frida Lindberg, Tilde Addenbrooke, Susanne Seppälä, Erika Storbråten and Sofia Darrell.

Our pupose is to provide help to horses and horseowners in times of crises. Curently we are working in Ukraine.

So far, more than 60 horses have been evaucated to safer areas within the Ukraine and across the Polish boarder into Europe. A lot of horse owners join the evaucation, although now, many people have already left and rely on ECRF and partnering organisations to evacuate their horses to safer regions to eventually re-join their owners.

We also drive both animal and humintairian aid into the warn-torn Ukraine, including feed, sanitary products, burners for cooking, fire extinguishers, water purification tablets, hospital equipment, clothes and other necessities.

We work together with several organisations including:

  • Operation Aid
  • Breaking the chains
  • UEF CF
  • Centaurus Foundation
  • Horse world wide welfare
  • World wide vets
  • Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation
  • Svenska Hästars Värn

and have recieved many donations from both comanpies and private persons:

  • Brofästet AB
  • Hotel Magnat, Lesna Wola
  • Åkersbergarn
  • Strömsbergs gård
  • AL lastbilsservice
  • Stallbacken bropark
  • Josephine Kelly, Henrik Engbloom
  • ATG/Svensk galopp
  • Data grottan, Täby
  • Scandi vet
  • Skutskärs trä

Contacting us

If you are in need of help, please contact us by e-mail, on facebook or by phone. We help evacuations both through UEF-CF as well as independently on our own.

Phone number: +46 709622499

Our address is Björnhuvudvägen 50, 18493 Åkersberga, Sweden

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